Thursday, August 25, 2016


Sometimes getting to a destination can be tricky, especially if you have never been there before, so a map is vital to assist you in that task. If you don’t have a map or a guide of some sort, you could jeopardize the trip by arriving late or getting lost. If your traveling involves bringing others along, then it is important that their confidence in your navigating skills is maintained, the experience enjoyable, and the trip a success. Equally so, a leader must be able to take his followers from the starting point to the ending point without having lost perspective along the way. Every leader’s success is contingent upon understanding what is at stake and executing a plan of action to get you there. In business it is very much the same. If you want to take the company or department on a winning road, then you must map out the route carefully. Its director should communicate the vision to every team member precisely.

Leaders also need to recognize the knowledge, creativity, and tolerance level of every person involved. Once this is done and you have carefully selected your group, then and only then are you to assign important projects to them. But be sure that they have all the tools necessary to handle the task and accomplish the overall business goals.  Most importantly, help then to believe that no matter what obstacle may be ahead the objective will be accomplished.

Still, your job does not end there. Remember that a good leader is also a good coach!  Make sure you are available for your team. Whether physically or just a phone call away, be available for teaching and mentoring at all times. Don’t delegate your leadership role to anyone!  Remember that you are leading the charge and it’s your responsibility to finish with victory.

I will conclude by saying that without a map that charts the path a leader will fail miserably. I caution you not to start your endeavors until everything is thoroughly mapped out. Set your travels knowing that you have packed your ideas carefully, filled your tank with knowledge, and cleaned the windshield to see what is ahead of you. When proper measures are taken there are no boundaries that can keep you from arriving at your destination.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Leadership From A Cave

I am reminded daily of the story of David, as he was running for his life from King Saul. He had to leave his home and flee to caves like a criminal because of this jealous man. David by this time was anointed privately by Samuel to be king; still the fulfillment of God's plan for him seem to be far from becoming reality. The promise of God looked hopeless and even dead. Yet, as David was in a dark lonely cave God brought Him men in the number of 400 who were distressed, in debt, discontented and they desperately needed to be encouraged. I know the last thing David needed was to be surrounded by more problems. If anything, after running for his life and having to watch his back for Saul’s spies, David probably did not have much strength to encourage himself in the Lord, let alone others. Still in all, David in the most difficult moments of his life took on this challenge and began encouraging, and teaching these men in the ways of God.
In the darkness of the cave in Adullam David became a light to them. As time progressed, these men became different, stronger, renewed, and transformed in their mind, body, and souls. They became like David in a sense. They took on his character, strength, and faith. They were like an image of David himself. These men learned to fight and overcome their internal battles before they fought external ones. They became warriors against depression, and hopelessness before they were warriors in the battle front. They were no longer weak men they were now David's Mighty Men and ready to serve their leader and his people. I believe David also needed these men. God was using these men to shape him into the king that God promised. This trial and challenge was needful for him. Truly, there would be no people for him to rule without first serving those broken men in need. No palace without pressure. No kingdom blessing without the cave experience.
David is a type of Christ and in the same manner when we begin to spend time with Jesus, learn from him, and serve his people; we will become transformed in His image and likeness. Men, despite our busy schedules, issues of life, and even weaknesses, let us rise up and help one another. We become better men when we give of ourselves. We become stronger when helping others in their pursuit of God. Our faith is elevated when we serve and encourage the body. I believe this is teamwork in its highest form. You may not actually be in cave like David was but you are somewhere where people need you. Take that opportunity to help others grow beyond their capability. Be a servant and a leader to them. Show them the way of success with the talents and resources God gave you. Take some time and be God's mighty men today.  Let us be a light on a hill and a tower of strength to represent the likeness of Christ to all whom God puts in our path and beyond it.  Be blessed.